Jamila Woods shares “Baldwin,” featuring Nico Segal

Her new album is out this Friday.

Jamila Woods’ sophomore album, Legacy! Legacy!, is out later this week. Ahead of its release, she’s dropped “Baldwin,” featuring trumpeter Nico Segal.

On her new record, Woods pays homage to various black thinkers and creatives, including Octavia Butler, Zora Neale Hurston and Eartha Kitt. On this track, Woods pays tribute to James Baldwin, and reflects on what it’s like to live in a dangerously anti-black society: “Somebody’s daddy always laid out on the street, and for what? We on the street, and for what? Your precious, lethal fear.”

Woods explained Baldwin’s influence on her in a statement: “He had an incredible ability to speak about whiteness in a way that was hard-hitting and nuanced, and delivered some of the most elegant reads to white America, providing me a lens to think about how I see whiteness at work in my world today.”


Legacy! Legacy! is out this Friday. Listen to “Baldwin” below:

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