Jamila Woods pays homage on “Eartha”

To the iconic singer and actress Eartha Kitt.

Jamila Woods has dropped another new single, “Eartha,” from her forthcoming sophomore album, Legacy! Legacy!

The groovy song is named for and pays tribute to iconic singer and actress Eartha Kitt. It was particularly inspired by a clip from a 1982 documentary about Kitt, where she uproariously dismisses the idea of compromising for a man.

“I don’t wanna compromise / Can we make it through the night?” Woods sings, channeling Kitt’s supreme confidence. “I’m tryna see eye to eye / But you look right over me / Your words stuck on repeat / And I’m tired of your shit!”


“Eartha” is one of 13 tracks on Legacy! Legacy! that pay tribute to black icons. Take, for example, the previously released “Zora,” which is Woods’ homage to author Zora Neale Hurston.

Legacy! Legacy! is due out May 10. Listen to “Eartha” here:


And watch the aforementioned video of the clip’s namesake here:

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