Jamila Woods drops ‘Harry Potter’-inspired MV for “Baldwin”

It’s like “Hogwarts—but Black,” she says.

Jamila Woods has released a magical video for “Baldwin,” a standout cut from her Legacy! Legacy! LP.

Inspired by the Harry Potter series, the video stars Woods as a teacher in a magical, Hogwarts-like school for the black community. She teaches the students about their history and culture, while singing about racism and other injustices: “You clutch on your purse, now you crossing the street / Brother caught your eye, now you callin’ police / It’s a casual violence in your speech and your silence / It’s unnatural science, you too comfortable lying.”

“The film revolves around a group of black youth in an imagined school on Chicago’s South Side, like Hogwarts—but black,” Woods said in a statement. “For black people in the neighborhood this space is a gem, an oasis of black learning and radical education for young people. We shot part of the film documentary-style, to include young people’s perspectives on what they would want their dream school to be like.”


“Baldwin” is the latest visual from Legacy! Legacy!, following clips for songs like “Eartha” and “Zora.”

Check out the magical “Baldwin” clip below.

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