Jamila Woods drops a video for “Eartha”

Old meets new in the Chicago artist’s latest visual.

Jamila Woods has dropped a video for her latest single, “Eartha,” from her forthcoming album, Legacy! Legacy!

Shot in heavy contrast and black-and-white, the clip opens with Woods as a leather-clad vigilante—in homage, no doubt, to Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman—frustrated by her incompetent partner’s bumbling during a late-night operation. The video then segues to a similarly exasperated model tired of clashing male egos on the set of her photoshoot. Later, Woods and her fellow ladies convene in a back room to chill out and commiserate, ending the clip by peeling away in the getaway car.

The music video is an eclectic mix of antique and modern; tongue-in-cheek dialogue, presented as in the style of a silent film, moves the narratives along. Check it out here:


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