It’s SZA vs Kendrick Lamar in “Doves in the Wind” video

They've traded collabs for combat in the brand-new clip.

If “All the Stars” and “Doves in the Wind” are any indication, SZA and Kendrick Lamar need to keep their friendship going strong. But that has all changed in the video for the latter track: The two musicians are pit against each other in a kung fu extravaganza.

The clip for the cruisy track features SZA as a budding apprentice, dodging opponents and obstacles as she makes her way to the top of a mountain. Who’s waiting for her? None other than Kung Fu Kenny, who’s a master of martial arts as well as of rap. Once the two come face-to-face, the real battle begins—and the track is broken up by choreographed fights, sound effects, and even the occasional moment of (intentionally) bad dubbing. Just like in the classics.

But who’ll come out victorious? Watch the clip here:


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