HER, YG turn up the heat on sultry collab, “Slide”

The follow-up to HER’s ‘I Used to Know Her’ compilation.

HER has enlisted YG for a new steamy single, “Slide.”

On the groovy track, the duo trade sultry bars about their lovers. “Doin’ our thing, movin’ too fast / Candy paint with the windows all black / Seats crème brûlée, what they gon’ say? / With the top down screamin’, ‘Money ain’t a thing,’” HER sings on the chorus.

YG responds with a raunchy verse: “You go hold me close and on yo neck gon’ be a hickie / I ain’t gotta do too much I know what get you sticky / I ain’t gotta know astrology I know yo vibes / Skip the foreplay, you won’t let n***as fuck with yo mind.”


“Slide” is HER’s first release since her full I Used to Know Her compilation dropped earlier this month. YG recently teamed up with Tyga and Blueface on “Bop.”

Listen to “Slide” here:

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