HER pays homage to Aretha Franklin on new song, “Let’s Get Away”

The track samples the queen of soul’s “Day Dreaming.”

HER has just shared a brand-new track, titled “Let’s Get Away.” And on it, she pays tribute to Aretha Franklin by sampling the late legend’s song, “Day Dreaming.”

Borrowing the soulful melody from the 1972 track, HER transforms Franklin’s romantic ballad into a smokey, slow-burning R&B jam about a jet-setting relationship. “It’s just you and me, go to in Italy / We could go to France, they’ll see us holding hands / We could take a plane, we leaving out the States,” the songbird croons on the opening.

During the chorus, HER extracts a line from the refrain heard on “Day Dreaming” and sets it over a cruisy beat. “Hey baby, let’s get away, let’s go somewhere far,” she repeats.


Last month, HER released a six-track prelude to her highly anticipated debut album, I Used to Know Her.

Listen to “Let’s Get Away” here:

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