HER links up with YBN Cordae for anti-materialism anthem “Racks”

    Cash shouldn’t actually rule everything around you.

    HER and YBN Cordae at the BET Awards 2019
    Image: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET

    HER has dropped “Racks,” a song with YBN Cordae about how money can’t buy everything.

    “All of your racks and things, they don’t relax your pain,” the Grammy award-winning R&B singer declares on the chorus. This isn’t a sour grapes situation, though—HER lets listeners know that she, in fact, has racks for days: “If I drop a hundred bands, Imma get it right back up / And if I fall it don’t matter, Imma ball, get the bag, yeah.”

    Newly inducted XXL Freshman YBN Cordae tags in at about the two-minute mark, rapping about his attempts to forge a genuine romantic connection with money and presents. “Tryna find love so I’m navigating / Shower you with gifts, oversaturation / But I can’t seem to find love without this ratchet shit / This gold dream of mine, why am I attached to this?” he spits.

    Check out their new collab below:

    And watch an entertaining clip of the duo riffing on “Racks” and joking about their collab here:


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