HER experiments with reggae on new single, “Do to Me”

Gabriella Wilson sings about an all-consuming love.

HER—real name Gabriella Wilson—has shared a new track titled “Do to Me.”

On the song, produced by Swagg R’Celious, the Bay Area singer experiments with reggae and sings about an all-consuming love. “What, what did you do to me? / Way past infatuation / This connection that we make, make / And babe / Keeping me up ’til late/ It’s only ’cause I can’t wait ’til / ’Til you come to my place, place,” she croons.

Earlier this year, HER showed support for the Black Lives Matter movement with “I Can’t Breathe” and a video for “I’m Not OK,” a cut from her I Used to Know Her compilation. Last year, she collaborated with Skip Marley on the song “Slow Down.”

Listen to “Do to Me” below:



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