Givēon shares new song, “All to Me”

He also dropped the music video for “Heartbreak Anniversary.”

Givēon has returned with a brand-new song, “All to Me.”

It appears as a bonus track on his recently released compilation When it’s All Said and Done… Take Time, which combines songs from his 2020 EPs When it’s All Said and Done and Take Time.

On the sultry “All to Me,” Givēon persuades his lover to leave her current partner behind. “Oh, he still don’t make you feel beautiful,” he croons. “I know, but I do, just know I got you.” But later the singer assures her that whatever decision she makes, it’ll ultimately be up to her: “You made the call so I ain’t complainin’ / Back on your way.”


Dropping alongside “All to Me” is a video for “Heartbreak Anniversary,” which originally appeared on his debut EP Take Time. In the sun-drenched clip, Givēon tries his best to fix a broken relationship but things don’t go his way.

Watch the video below:


And listen to “All to Me” on When it’s All Said and Done… Take Time here:

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