Get a load of Mya’s “You Got Me” video

The R&B diva's got moves.

It’s been a few months since Mya dropped her latest album TKO, which was brimming with slinky, smooth R&B jams. “You Got Me,” a standout on the LP, has now been given the single treatment, and it’s got a sultry music video to boot.

In the clip, the seductive songstress plays the role of dancing diva—and she does it well. Mya busts some seriously flexible choreography in a room full of mirrors as she purrs: “Damn, I know you hate it / But you know I gotta leave / But right before I leave / Imma give you all you need.”

Turns out, she’s not alone, though. A mystery man watches from the sidelines and later a pair of dancers join Mya on the floor for a provocative routine. It isn’t long before the spectator rises from his seat to get up-close and personal with the leading lady. Just a typical rehearsal at the dance studio, then.


Check out the steamy clip below:

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