Gallant returns with nostalgic new EP, ‘Neptune’

Featuring collaborations with Brandy and VanJess.

Gallant has unveiled his brand-new EP Neptune after teasing the project for months.

The eight-track EP, which he first hinted at in October 2020, arrived last Friday. Featuring nostalgic tunes that draw inspiration from ’00s R&B, Neptune is bookended by the songs “Comeback.” and “Relapse.,” a pair of tracks Gallant described as “yin/yang.” “Originally I wanted to put them both out at the same time… felt like they were yin/yang… but decided to give each one it’s own space,” he wrote on Instagram.

Other songs on the Neptune include collaborations with Brandy (“Dynamite.”), Arin Ray (“Third Eye Blind.”) and VanJess (“No More Ties.”). Gallant called his collab with Brandy unexpected and “crazy.”


“I’ve always wanted to work with Brandy since I was a kid,” he told Hypebeast. “Her manager somehow got his hands on a demo of [‘Dynamite.’] and played it for her, and one day I just heard through the grapevine that she loved it. In my head I thought it was going to be a long shot that she’d hop on the song because we had never met before, but one day, I just opened my iMessages and I had Brandy vocals sent to me. She’s one of the greatest vocalists of all time so it’s crazy to have her on a project.”

Stream Neptune here:

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