Gallant drops brand-new single, “Crimes”

Just a week after his previous release, “Sharpest Edges.”

R&B crooner Gallant has shared a new single titled “Crimes.”

The track begins with the singer’s honeyed vocals layered over a soulful piano track, as bass-heavy drums kick into the chorus. “And honestly I can’t keep overlookin’ all your crimes / You keep tellin’ me what’s yours is mine / But you lie / ’Cause you don’t wanna hurt your pride,” he sings in a soft melisma, warning his lover that he’s running out of patience.

“Crimes” comes on the heels of “Sharpest Edges,” both of which are set to appear on Gallant’s forthcoming sophomore album. The singer has yet to announce a release date for the unnamed project. Last month, he teamed up with Mandopop singer Tia Ray for her song “Trust Myself,” and in May, he featured on French producer Sebastian’s single, “Run For Me.”


While you wait for Gallant’s next LP, listen to “Crimes” below:

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