Free Nationals, Anderson .Paak perform “Gidget” on ‘Fallon’

The band’s self-titled debut album arrives later this month.

The Free Nationals recently stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform “Gidget,” featuring Anderson .Paak, a cut from the band’s forthcoming self-titled debut album.

During the groovy performance, .Paak delivered soulful vocals over the band’s disco-inspired arrangement. “Sweet gidget, sweet gidget / What happened, you don’t love me now / Sweet gidget, sweet gidget / Don’t tell me you don’t love me now,” .Paak sang on the chorus. Later in the performance, keyboardist Ron Tnava Avant delivered a funky, vocoder-processed solo.

Besdies .Paak, the Free National’s debut album will also feature the Internet’s Syd (on “Shibuya”), Dreamville’s JID (“On Sight”), as well as Kali Uchis and the late Mac Miller (“Time”). The record arrives December 13 via EMPIRE/OBE Records.

Watch Free Nationals and Anderson .Paak’s Fallon performance below:



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