Fantasia, T-Pain suffer from “PTSD” on new single

It stands for “post-traumatic sex disorder.”

Fantasia has teamed up with T-Pain on her new single, “PTSD.”

On the seductive track, the R&B singer confronts a bad lover who’s giving her “post-traumatic sex disorder.” “Save all that weak shit for your mama / Baby, save all that with the shit for your boss at work / Had one job, couldn’t do it, you fumbled / I can’t let you give me PTSD,” she sings on the chorus.

Auto-Tune aficionado and Masked Singer winner T-Pain jumps on during the second verse with raunchy bars: “You’re all I think about in bed / Just naked them boobs, them thighs, them lips, that head / Good God almighty, great googly moogly / She gon’ bring two for me, girl what you do to me.”


“This was a much edgier song for me but one that I felt was needed on the Sketchbook album,” Fantasia said in a press release. “Many people have experienced disappointment in the pursuit of love, but refuse to let one bad experience dictate their entire outlook on love and romance overall.”

“PTSD” is the latest single from Fantasia’s forthcoming album, Sketchbook, following “Enough.” She recently performed the gospel track “Looking for You” on BET’s singing competition Sunday.

Listen to “PTSD” here:


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