Fantasia returns with soulful new song, “Enough”

Her musical hiatus is over.

Fantasia is back. After a two-year musical hiatus, the American Idol alum has returned with “Enough,” the lead single from her forthcoming seventh album.

Doo-wop vocals open the song before Fantasia enters, her signature powerhouse pipes layered over a buzzing guitar riff. “The hours, they turn into seconds whenever I’m with you,” she confesses at the top of the track. The coy infatuation turns into blazing romance as Fantasia declares on the chorus, “It’s so hard to let you go / Baby, that’s how I know it’s real love.”

In an Instagram post, the singer revealed that “Enough” is a feel-good love song inspired by old-school soul and R&B records from Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston and Babyface. “Everybody back then, even if you [weren’t] in love, you thought you were because of these records,” she said.


The new song arrived alongside a mesmerizing visual, executive produced by Fantasia herself, that pays homage to ’90s R&B music videos. Watch it below.

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