Emotional Oranges, Biig Piig team up on “Body & Soul”

The third collab from ‘Juicebox’ has arrived.

Emotional Oranges have collaborated with Biig Piig for a rhythmic single cut from their upcoming project Juicebox.

“Body & Soul” is the third track in a run of high-profile collabs initiated by the Los Angeles duo. Emotional Oranges previously tapped Chiiild for “Bonafide,” while Juicebox’s lead single “All That” featured an assist from Channel Tres.

Jess Smyth, the solo artist behind the Biig Piig moniker, shines on the mellow R&B track. Her breathy vocals help set the steamy tone of “Body & Soul” as she sings about a cold night spent by the fireplace in the City of Angels. “I just need that one thing / Hold me down with your embrace,” she sings.


“We dm’d Jess after hearing her song ‘Don’t Turn Around’ and she happened to have just moved to LA from London,” Emotional Oranges recounted in a statement. “We made two dope ideas the first day we got in the studio and have become close ever since—she’s an unbelievably talented writer and an overall great human.”

As it also turns out, “Body & Soul”’s hook initially found life as a bridge for another track on Juicebox, but the duo saw fit to flesh the idea out into a full song.

Juicebox will be Emotional Oranges’ first major release since 2019’s The Juice: Vol II, though an official release date has not yet been announced.


In the meantime, check out below the lyric video for “Body & Soul” which stars the three musicians in a brightly colored studio:

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