Elle Varner just needs one more drink on “Pour Me”

She’s lovesick on the ’90s-inspired song.

Elle Varner just can’t get over her ex on her new song, “Pour Me,” featuring Wale.

The track finds the singer-songwriter missing an old flame, singing over piano keys and 808 beats that recall ’90s R&B vibes. “Won’t you pour me one more / One more, one more, one more / I’m thinking ’bout you, been drinking ’bout you / Might even hit the dance floor,” she sings. Wale comes in near the end and lays down smooth lines about trying to love his girl the right way. Varner previously worked with Wale on her 2013 track, “Rover.”

The Grammy-nominated singer returned to music last year with the ballad, “Loving U Blind,” after a long hiatus and change of labels.


Listen to “Pour Me” below:

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