DAWN turns the charm on for “Sauce”

Her forthcoming album, ‘New Breed,’ is out next week.

DAWN’s new album, New Breed, drops next week. And to get fans even more excited, she’s released another song from it, “Sauce.”

The song, like the previously released title track and “Jealousy,” is immaculately produced, thanks to the ministrations of Cole MGN and Hudson Mohawke. The voice—whether it’s DAWN’s, or the backing singers’—becomes an instrument of its own, transmuting from ghostly presence to looped melodic hook.

DAWN slinks like a cat over this gauzy soundbed, seducing her lover with lines like “I’m going to work like Rihanna” and “I’ve been a good girl all week / So I can dirty them sheets, from Friday to Sunday, no breaks.”


Check out “Sauce” below:

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