DAWN lets pettiness take over in “Jealousy”

A song dedicated to all the clingy exes out there.

Two years after the release of her album Redemption, DAWN has shared a new single, “Jealousy.”

In the song, DAWN—aka Dawn Richard—addresses her lover’s ex who can’t seem to realize the relationship is over. It’s up to DAWN to set firm boundaries, and she wastes no time in letting her vindictive side take over: She declares she “really wants petty to win tonight.”

The track dropped with an accompanying music video that showcases DAWN’s New Orleans heritage and “explains my roots in the Washitaw Nation Tribe,” she said in a press release. DAWN is also apparently one of the first women in history to wear the chief’s headdress, as she does in the video.


“I wanted to show New Orleans in a light most have never seen or are aware of,” she elaborated. “The Black Indian and Power of our traditional garb are shown in the visual. Chief [David] Montana created my hand-sewn headpiece representing the power of being both King and Queen. Our tribes spend all year beading these costumes to then dance and show off their work among other tribes.”

Watch the video below:

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