Daniel Caesar wants to know “Who Hurt You?”

A new song dedicated to an exotic dancer.

Daniel Caesar has released a new song, “Who Hurt You?,” which is apparently dedicated to a stripper he met at the club Follies in Atlanta—but has unfortunately lost track of.

Yesterday, the Toronto crooner posted a Craigslist missed connection post to Twitter. In it, Caesar noted he was looking for a “voluptuous beauty at Follies” who wore a blonde wig.

“You danced on me all night. I threw about $3,400. You said you liked my gap. You gave me your number but I lost my phone. I hope I find you,” the matter-of-fact post reads. “Please email me. Btw, I wrote a song about you, it’s called ‘Who Hurt You?’”


And indeed, Caesar begins the new song yearning for a return to Atlanta, where he was “so mesmerized by that ass.” And if you’re surprised to learn this purveyor of almost cloyingly romantic songs patronises strip clubs, he provides an explanation of sorts: “Strange new addictions / Pick up on the road / Change my opinions / And change up my flows.”

Listen up, too, for a verse from T-Pain, whom you might recall wrote the hit song “I’m ’n Luv (Wit a Stripper).” Check out the song below:

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