Col3trane’s world goes topsy-turvy in “Tyler” video

For the North Londoner’s vibey, rap-R&B track.

If you’ve watched Fight Club, you’ll appreciate Col3trane’s music video for “Tyler.” And if you haven’t, you might be a little confused—but just go with it.

Yesterday, the North London artist dropped the video that, like the song, takes a few cues from Fight Club character Tyler Durden. The Felix Brady-directed clip depicts multiple Col3tranes in a trailer that defies the laws of physics. It’s a little loopy, but stays grounded in the song: Look out for the visual references to the lines “Suzy in the closet” and “breathing in my coffin.”

“Tyler” is the final track off the BOOT mixtape that Col3trane—real name Cole Basta—dropped in August. Its confidently referential lyricism, as well as his versatile delivery, definitely marks the young musician as one to watch. Check out the video below:


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