Col3trane, FKJ drop slinky dancehall-inspired collab

    You can listen to “Perfect Timing” now.

    Col3trane. Image: AP Studio

    French multi-instrumentalist FKJ and London vocalist Col3trane have linked up on a sleek new song, “Perfect Timing.”

    FKJ originally made the beat on his laptop while on tour, he revealed in a press statement, noting its “dancehall vibe.” He added, “When I was a teenager, I listened to a lot of dancehall and this beat is definitely an inspiration from it.”

    “Perfect timing, what d’you know about perfect timing?” Col3trane sings on the hook. His sultry vocals complement the slinky production perfectly, and FKJ agreed: “I already had a melody in my head for it, but what he came up with outdid what I had originally imagined. He added words in the right spots.”

    Listen to “Perfect Timing” below.