Ciara returns with new song, “Level Up”

Comeback on 100.

Pop and R&B diva Ciara is back with a brand-new banger, “Level Up.” The song is the first taste of new music from the former queen of crunk since 2015’s Jackie—and it hears the singer trading her soulful slow jams from her last album for an energetic, hip hop-flavored production.

Beginning with a countdown of “Five, four, three, two, one,” “Level Up” goes hard from the first drop. “I turned it into somethin’ / My comeback on 100,” Cici announces. Y’know, just a reminder that she’s here to slay.

The song also comes with a catchy vocal hook that repeats the words “Level up” over a pulsating beat—and you’ll have a hard time forgetting it after the first listen. No word yet on whether the track is a one-off jam, or if it’s a preview of an upcoming record.


Either way, we welcome Ciara’s return. Stream “Level Up” below:

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