Ciara announces winner for her “Level Up” challenge

Kiki, who?

Move aside Kiki, there’s another dance craze that’s taken the internet by storm. Ciara’s “Level Up” single, which dropped a few weeks back, features a rapid-fire beat that’s clearly designed to get you moving. So much so it sparked an online dance challenge, which Cici has now decided to crown the ultimate winner.

The challenge, created to encourage movers and shakers worldwide to mimic the song’s iconic moves, reached #BreakTheInternet levels of viral. Ciara certainly had a tough time choosing which clip was going to come out on top, but she’s made her call.

Online sensation and comic Kway emerged as the winner. In his entry, he busted out all of the moves from the original video like a seasoned pro while adding dashes of comedy and stacks of production value.


Who knows, maybe Cici and her challenge winner might recreate the MV together. More “Level Up” is always a good thing.

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