Chris Brown leaks his own single, says sorry to DJ Khaled

Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

Leaks aren’t anything new in the music scene. But an artist leaking their own single? That’s not so common. And leave that to Chris Brown, who’s released a breezy R&B cut, which features DJ Khaled, on his SoundCloud.

Considering the file was uploaded with the title “Had to do it… Sorry DJ Khaled,” it sounds like his creative partner either didn’t want the track dropping just yet, or that the song was released without DJ Khaled’s knowledge. Either way, it’s out now and let’s just say it’s already a hit.

The song samples Michael Jackson’s classic “Rock with You,” and hears the pair in fine form. “I want to wake up naked next to you,” Brown croons on the hook while Khaled adds his trademark ad-libs throughout the track.


No word yet on when the track’s getting an official release—or a proper title—but who needs those when you’ve got a solid-gold bop ready to go?

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