Check out 88rising’s new R&B starlet, NIKI

The Indonesian singer’s latest tune, “Vintage,” is a summery, head-bopping affair.

88rising’s shaking up the hip hop/R&B scene with yet another up-and-comer from Indonesia: NIKI. The fresh-faced starlet shared her new tune, “Vintage,” earlier this week, with a video to go along with it.

NIKI, real name Nicole Zefanya, may only be 19, but she’s been making music for years now. She started out as a teen star, even opening for Taylor Swift back in 2014, then as an indie folk musician and YouTube cover artist. But it was only upon signing with 88rising last year that she embraced her sultry R&B side.

She’s already dropped a few tracks on the label’s YouTube channel, but is now gearing up for the May 23 release of her debut EP ZEPHYR with “Vintage.” And if it’s anything to go by, the record is set to be a polished, head-boppingly good effort that recalls ’90s-era R&B.


“Vintage” has all the heartache of Zefanya’s earlier material, but swaps the melancholy of a strummed acoustic guitar for a life-affirming, bubbly earworm that’s perfect for the summer. Listen to it here:

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