Bryson Tiller drops deluxe version of ‘Anniversary’

Featuring five new songs, including a collaboration with Big Sean.

Bryson Tiller has shared the deluxe version of his 2020 album, Anniversary.

The extended album adds five new songs, including “Still Yours,” a collaboration with rapper Big Sean. The deluxe edition also dropped alongside a fiery video for another new song, “Like Clockwork.”

The trippy video starts off normal, with Tiller autographing posters of Anniversary and discussing business plans with his managers. But it soon gets trippy as it enters a clock-inspired world that eventually turns out to be a dimension within Tiller’s luxury gold.


The original version of Anniversary was released last October and featured the songs “Always Forever,” “Sorrows” and the Drake-assisted “Outta Time.” It debuted at number five on the Billboard 200 at release.

Watch the video for “Like Clockwork” here:


And stream the deluxe version of Anniversary below:

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