British singer Ray BLK shares new song “MIA” featuring Kaash Paige

She’s also announced her debut album, ‘Access Denied.’

British singer Ray BLK has announced her debut album, Access Denied, and shared a new song off the project: “MIA” featuring Kaash Paige.

The single is one of 14 tracks that will land on the South Londoner’s forthcoming LP, which was written and recorded during lockdown. On Facebook, Ray added that the project “is for those who, like myself, know disappointment too well and have learned to put up walls as a coping mechanism for self protection.”

“I’ve opened up about how my childhood made me guarded, how disappointing relationships made me fear love and how being told no so many times in the music industry kicked me down but I got back up!” she continued. “I hope people listen to this album and value themselves enough to deny access to those who are undeserving, and to also believe in themselves enough to keep saying yes to themselves when the world keeps telling them no!”


In a press statement, Ray described the ADP-produced “MIA” as her “summer anthem as we’re released from lockdown.”

“It’s just about escaping, or being with someone who feels like an escape, like you’re on holiday and just at peace, away from the noise,” she said. “After being in lockdown for so long and being overwhelmed or feeling low, I’m ready to be out with the people I love the most in our element with this playing in the background as the soundtrack to our summer.”

Access Denied is out September 17. Listen to “MIA” featuring Kaash Paige below:


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