Blood Orange shares “Dagenham Dream” MV

Starring skateboarder Caleb Barnett.

Blood Orange has recruited skateboarder Caleb Barnett to star in his latest visual for “Dagenham Dream.”

Directed by Jack Greer, the VHS-style video follows Barnett around New York City as he does mundane, everyday things. He spends his morning fooling around with his roommates at their apartment before a practice sesh at the skate park. Later on in the clip, Barnett also gets a haircut and fresh ink.

In a track-by-track breakdown of Negro Swan with Pitchfork earlier this year, Hynes explained that “Dagenham Dream” recalls his time being bullied as a child and how skateboarding helped him cope with the trauma. “I cut all my hair off, stopped painting my nails, wearing makeup, all this other shit. I stopped it all,” he said. “This song is essentially about that and how I used to skateboard to escape. The song is kind of murky, almost like a memory.”


Check out the video below:

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