Blood Orange debuts new music, “Charcoal Baby” and “Jewelry”

The singer-songwriter pulls the ol’ one-two with a double release.

Dev Hynes—aka Blood Orange—has dropped two singles and their MVs within the span of a day. It’s an unorthodox tactic, but it has certainly got the music world abuzz—especially since both visuals are so different from each other.

The first to drop was “Charcoal Baby,” which sees a bluesy guitar riff and bassline take center stage. It’ll have your head bopping without you even realizing it. The clip for the single—directed by Crack Stevens—is split screen, showing both sides of Hyne’s life and capturing the gloomy undertones of the song perfectly.

Watch it here:


“Jewelry” dropped a few hours later. On the surface, it’s a more lighthearted jam that blends hip hop and R&B. The track opens with a sexy saxophone melody before synths kick in and a hip hop beat drops. The lyrics, however, aren’t as upbeat. “No one ever will appreciate / The way you bare your soul for them to or attune / I’m through / I’m through.”

The MV—directed by Hynes—features Janet Mock, Ian Isiah and Kai the Black Angel. It’s simple, yet distinctly Blood Orange.  


Check it out here:

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