Belly’s new video brings you more of “What You Want”

Take a trip through a prison in a convertible with Belly and The Weeknd.

We now have a trippy music video to go with the catchy lyrics of “What You Want,” Belly’s latest single off his forthcoming album, Midnight Zone.

The surreal clip sees Belly and The Weeknd performing on a giant pyramid in an empty prison yard. We’re treated to fluorescent images and trippy lights while the performers dance and drive around the compound in a sleek convertible. By the end of the video, the prison transforming into a walkway full of models, with the singers cutting a cake made of dollar bills.

“It was the most fun I ever had shooting a video,” Belly told Billboard. This marks the Canadian rapper’s second venture with the “Starboy” singer, the first being “Might Not,” released in 2016.


“As the years go on and we become better friends and better artists, we’ve gotten to grow together,” Belly said. “That’s what makes this and every future collaboration even more special.”

Watch Belly and The Weeknd’s latest video:

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