Belly and The Weeknd give you “What You Want”

It's something new from the XO Crew.

Belly’s one of the most exciting acts on The Weeknd’s XO record label, and he’s teamed up with the label founder/R&B superstar for a new single, “What You Want.”

Featuring a cruisy, ’80s-infused melody, the track hears the two artists singing about a girl who doesn’t need anything—but wants a whole lot. “Never went to college, she got collagen in her body / You don’t need that type of knowledge when you pretty and polished,” Belly rhymes on the playful verses.

It’s not the first time Belly and The Weeknd have joined forces, though. The pair previously collaborated on the 2015 hit “Might Not” and The Weeknd’s breakout track, “Earned It.”


There’s a good chance you’ll be hearing “What You Want” everywhere soon as well.

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