August 08 recruits Smino for “Blood on My Hands”

The track follows his 2018 project, ‘Father.’

August 08 first made waves last year when he dropped his EP, Father, as 88rising’s first non-Asian signee. He’s continuing that momentum with a new song, “Blood on My Hands,” featuring Smino.

The song exudes a slippery energy, deftly transcending hip hop, R&B and electronic music. “Waiting on my soul weighs you down / We should let it go, I stuck around too long,” he sings, his treated vocals fraying at the edges. “The thought is on my mind to get away from you / With karma on my back, I only lose.” Smino backs him up with an agile verse.

“Sometimes it feel like I’m in a love triangle,” he mused on Twitter when announcing the track. “Between my music and the women I love.” Listen to “Blood on My Hands” here:


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