Ant Clemons, Justin Timberlake collab on “Better Days”

The pair performed the cut at the Rock the Runoff Virtual Concert.

Ant Clemons and Justin Timberlake have teamed up on a new song, “Better Days.”

The track addresses the events that have unfolded over the past few months, while also offering an optimistic view of the brighter days ahead. “We wrote the song together during the lockdown as a reaction to the frustrations and challenges we’ve all been hit with this year… but also as a reminder to stay hopeful and continue working toward a better future,” Timberlake on Instagram.

Clemons and Timberlake performed the cut at the Rock the Runoff Virtual Concert hosted by Fair Fight, an anti-voter suppression organization founded by Democrat politician Stacey Abrams. The remote event was hosted to mobilize Georgia voters ahead of the state’s senate runoff elections.


“Together with the help of [Timberlake], we offer a glimmer of hope in the mist [sic] of the storm,” Clemons wrote on social media. “‘Better Days’ is a song we wrote together as a reassurance to anyone that needs to hear it, that in fact, better days are ahead of us.”

Earlier in February, Clemons released his debut album, Happy 2 Be Here, which was nominated for a Grammy last month. JT, on the other hand, released his last album, Man of the Woods, in 2018. In April, the pop singer teamed up with Anderson .Paak for the Trolls World Tour song “Don’t Slack.”

Watch Clemons and Timberlake perform “Better Days” below:


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