Zico releases quirky video for new track, “Any Song”

The follow-up to his ‘Thinking’ LP.

Zico of K-pop boyband Block B has released a quirky video for his new solo single, “Any Song.”

In the clip, the singer’s peaceful night in is interrupted by friends who throw him a surprise birthday party. They trash his house, open his presents and, worst of all, eat his food. At the end, Zico decides he’s had enough and escapes from the party, finally breaking into a smile as he runs down the street.

“Just put any song on, anything fun / Just dance however you want as if you’re just fine / Don’t wanna think about anything, I just wanna live for the moment / I’m sick and tired of my everyday,” he sings on the chorus.

“I wanted to make a song people could listen to when they’re not thinking about anything,” Zico told Jang Sung-kyu of South Korean radio show Good Morning FM, according to Soompi. “My previous album Thinking is made up of songs that I created when I was overflowing with thoughts, so there are a lot of messages and a lot of information.”


Last year, Zico released his two-part album Thinking, which featured the songs “Extreme” and “Human.” Watch the video for “Any Song” here:


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