Zayn releases new single, “Sour Diesel”

He’s burnin’ down the house.

Zayn’s gearing up for the release of his long-awaited second LP. And with every single he’s dropped so far, it seems like the album’s going to be a diverse one. From the soaring ballad of “Dusk Till Dawn” to the soulful groove of “Entertainer,” each new track has taken the pop singer’s sound in an entirely new direction.

“Sour Diesel” is no exception. This time, Zayn’s channeling his inner rock star. “Walks in the place / Hands on her waist / Gun on her thigh / Big shooter game,” he coos over a funky bassline. As the track builds to the chorus, a whole band of old-school rock instrumentation kicks in. “Like sour diesel / I can’t stop this feeling,” Zayn belts on the chorus.

The track’s official video, released exclusively on Apple Music, features the former One Directioner in a four-minute action movie that has everything from fist fights, explosions and a beautiful woman. Definitely a rock star move.


Stream “Sour Diesel” below:

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