Zara Larsson releases empowering new track, “Don’t Worry Bout Me”

A dangerously catchy kiss-off.

Zara Larsson has dropped a triumphant new song, “Don’t Worry Bout Me,” a powerful sequel to “Ruin My Life,” her previous platinum-selling release.

“Unfair how after we done, then you care / Ain’t got the space or the time,” the Swedish pop star muses in her first two verses before giving her ex a final kiss-off. Dangerously catchy choruses follow suit, hammering home the fact that Larsson doesn’t have time for any drama.

Larsson actually revealed last month in a tweet that her label apparently doesn’t like “Don’t Worry Bout Me,” saying “it’s sad to not have the label excited for songs I like.”


We’re sure the song will find its fair share of fans, though. Stream it here:

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