Years & Years debut “All for You”

The boys embrace their poppier side.

Years & Years have been dropping plenty of tracks off their upcoming second LP, Palo Santo. After kicking things off with singles “Sanctify,” If You’re Over Me” and the title track, the group’s got a new song to share—”All for You.”

In an interview with Beats 1, vocalist Olly Alexander said that the club-ready track was created so that people could “get deep on the dancefloor [and] release your inner demons.” Well, mission accomplished.

The song begins with the frontman’s unmistakable voice asking, “I’ve been thinkin’ / Was it all a different scene in my head?” over a catchy, stuttering beat. But it’s when the chorus hits, that the track really escalates. “You look like you’re so damn scared / I don’t really think you care / You know, you know that our time is through,” Alexander belts over a soaring, disco-tinged beat.


Years & Years have always had a knack for producing massive pop choruses (remember “Desire,” “King” and “Meteorite”?)—and you can definitely add “All for You” to the list.

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