Wrabel enlists Kesha for new song, “Since I Was Young”

A soulful collab between two good friends.

Wrabel and Kesha have teamed up for a new song, “Since I Was Young.”

The song reunites the two close friends who have worked together on multiple occasions, most recently on the songs “BFF” and “Resentment” (with Sturgill Simpson and Brian Wilson) off Kesha’s latest album High Road.

On the new track, Wrabel recalls the personal journey that has shaped him. “Since I was young / I always tried to cover up who I was and who I love / Then I got older / Since I was young / I always thought that 25 would be the last year of my life / Then I got sober,” the pair sing on the soulful chorus over a vibrant, thumping production.

“Writing this song really was a dream come true—with two of my best friends, Kesha and [Los Angeles-based producer] Stint,” Wrabel said in a statement. “It was our first day all together and I’d been messing around with the idea at home on my toy piano. I sent Stint a voice note of it and by the time we got to the studio, he had almost a full-on track built up that was so inspiring and powerful. The lyrics kind of just fell from the sky.”


Of his long-standing friendship with Kesha, Wrabel added, “Kesha is like a sister to me. She’s changed my life and changed the way I want to create and showed me what it means to be an artist and what it means to celebrate life, for all of its ups and downs and all-arounds. This song was basically just a conversation on that. It’s rare to get to work with someone that’s seen you as so many things and in so many phases.”

Wrabel’s standalone single follows his acoustic album, Piano, which dropped earlier in May. Kesha, on the other hand, released her fourth studio record High Road earlier this year. The 16-track project is the follow-up to 2017’s Rainbow, and includes the songs “My Own Dance,” “Raising Hell” (with Big Freedia) and the title track.

Listen to “Since I Was Young” below:


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