Winner confront loneliness in their video for “Soso”

The track opens their new EP, ‘Cross.’

K-pop boyband Winner have dropped an intimate video for their new single, “Soso.”

The clip features intense scenes of how he group’s members cope with loneliness, including wrecking a lavish dining room, isolating themselves in the desert and setting a car on fire. “I can’t be laughing / But even if I cry / I just get teary and that’s it / Do I have to laugh to be okay? / DO I have to cry to be sad? / I’m just okay, so what,” member Jinwoo sings. The visual also features the boyband hanging precariously over spikes, held up only by rope.

“There are lots of shocking scenes in the music video, and we discussed with each other about whether this was the right thing to do,” the boyband said at a recent press conference, as translated by Soompi. “We even met with the music video director about six times. We kept modifying it, saying things like, ‘This is going too far,’ and such.”


“Soso” opens their new EP, Cross, which dropped alongside the song. The project is the follow-up to their May mini-album, We. Earlier this year, member Jinu made his solo debut with “Call Anytime.”

Watch the video for “Soso” below:


And stream Cross here:

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