Weki Meki return with third EP, ‘Hide and Seek’

Watch the eye-popping video for “Oopsy” here.

Weki Meki have released their third EP, Hide and Seek.

The five-track project is the follow-up to their 2019 releases, Lock End LOL and Week End LOL. Hide and Seek also includes the previously released single, “Dazzle Dazzle.”

A video for the opening track, “Oopsy,” dropped alongside the project. In the colorful clip, the girl group sing about the ambiguity of their new relationships: “I’m in trouble, oopsy / What should I do? Oopsy / A casual remark / The sound of your beating heart / I’ll keep it a secret.”

Watch the video for “Oopsy” here:


And stream Hide and Seek below:


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