Watch Years & Years’ music video for “If You’re Over Me”

It’s the second single off the electro pop outfit’s forthcoming sophomore record.

It looks like Years & Years are keeping with the sci-fi dystopian theme for their upcoming studio offering, Palo Santo. A continuation of their earlier visual for “Sanctify,” “If You’re Over Me” takes place in the same futuristic world where androids reign supreme and humans are considered an endangered species.

In the alternate reality, mankind is held captive and forced to perform in cabarets and magic shows as a form of entertainment for androids. But despite the video’s grim and unsettling narrative, the heartbreak anthem is surprisingly upbeat, breezy and filled with catchy hooks.

Peep at the music video below and watch frontman Olly Alexander don flamboyant flower suits and glittering leotards as he displays sharp dance moves to wow the robots.


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