Watch Tiffany Young’s bold video for “Run for Your Life”

“This song is a mood from the deepest darkest part of my subconscious.”

Tiffany Young has dropped a video for her captivating new single, “Run for Your Life.”

In the clip, the singer showcases her voguing chops on theatrical sets with pulsating lights. “It rains out of control / These chains don’t have a hold on me / Don’t say I’m a sinner / I’m ice cold, baby, on an ocean of glitter,” Young sings. She also serves edgy looks in the visual, sporting a glittery blue leotard and a futuristic holographic outfit.

“This song is a mood from the deepest darkest part of my subconscious, where survival mode switches on, and I run and fight and shine knowing this is worth living for,” Young said in a press statement. “Every hurdle sparks the fire inside me. This song is the ambition inside you, where you will do anything you can and run towards it like your life depends on it.”


In a separate statement posted on Instagram, Young also teased music dropping next year. “I have so much recorded, almost a year’s worth of music finished. I hope you are ready for a diverse music-filled 2020,” she wrote.

Young previously dropped the disco-inspired “Magnetic Moon” in August. Earlier in the year, the singer released her sophomore EP, Lips on Lips.

Watch the video for “Run for Your Life” here:


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