Watch Rosalía’s arresting video for new single, “A Palé”

The visual calls back to the flamenco pop star’s hometown.

Spanish flamenco pop star Rosalía has released a breathtaking video for her brand-new single, “A Palé.”

The video, directed by Jora Frantzis, offers more of what we’ve come to expect from Rosalía’s visuals: eye-catching looks, unique settings and dramatic choreography. Sporting Frida Kahlo-esque brows, razor-sharp nails and gleaming veneers, Rosalía mean-mugs and dances alone under a spotlight in a warehouse. Dancers dressed like factory workers back her up, and the set broadens to incorporate shipping containers.

Per a press release, the title “A Palé” refers to the shipping pallets that littered the town outside Barcelona that Rosalía grew up in, where the trucking industry loomed large. “But the spirit of the song centers around ‘doing it big,’” the release states, per Variety, “our ability to be strong and carry a lot of weight.”


Watch the “A Palé” video here:

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