Watch Poppy perform “Time is Up” on ‘The Late Late Show’

Her time is now.

Poppy recently made a guest appearance on an episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden to perform her latest Diplo-produced single, “Time is Up.”

And it was more than just a mere performance: It was a visually striking work of art. The set brought to life the song’s futuristic music video, transforming the stage into a science lab filled with digital anatomical diagrams and bodies encased in glass tanks. At the center of it all was Poppy, sitting on a pearly white throne as she sang about the destruction of humanity.

During the second half of the performance, all hell broke loose. The bodies came alive and started dancing, the stage was bathed in red light and Poppy even joined in on the fun as she showing off her best robot dance moves.


“Time is Up” is set to appear on Poppy’s sophomore record, Am I a Girl?, which arrives October 31.

Watch her performance below:

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