Watch Momoland’s fun video for “Ready or Not”

Another brass-heavy bop in their catalog.

Momoland have returned with a fun-loving video for their new single, “Ready or Not.”

Much like the girl group’s previous hits, the song is a brass-heavy dance pop track with an infectious chorus. Meanwhile, the retro video captures the K-pop idols performing the song on various vibrant set pieces, including a neon yellow kitchen and a retro-inspired diner.

“Gonna get you, get you / With that pow, pow, pow / Why do I keep getting excited? / Today is the day, final round / Today will only come once / Ready or not, ready or not,” they sing on the chorus.


“Ready or Not” is Momoland’s second release of 2020, following “Starry Night.” Last year, they dropped the songs “Thumbs Up” and “I’m So Hot.”

Watch the video for “Ready or Not” here:

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