Watch Lady Gaga sing in ‘A Star is Born’ trailer

The pop star also plays the lead role in the film.

Lady Gaga’s dabbled in quite a bit of acting as of late. But she’s set to become a bona fide movie star later this year when she makes her feature film debut in A Star is Born. Gaga plays the titular “star”—and based on the movie’s first trailer, she’s going to nail it.

Co-starring Bradley Cooper, the tale tells the story of an older musician (Cooper), who discovers a younger musical prodigy (Gaga). The two fall in love, her star grows, his fades—drama follows.

The film’s already generating major awards buzz. But most importantly, there’s going to be more Gaga music. A whole soundtrack will be released along with the movie—and in the trailer we get a taste of what to expect. From the sounds of it, the “Bad Romance” singer might be channeling her inner folk rock in the film.


Check it out here:

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