Watch King Princess’ video for “Only Time Makes it Human”

The first new song following her 2019 album ‘Cheap Queen.’

King Princess—aka Mikaela Straus—has released “Only Time Makes it Human,” her first single following her 2019 album Cheap Queen.

“Only Time Makes it Human,” a fun indie pop track that flirts with funk basslines and smooth melodies, was co-produced by Mark Ronson alongside Straus and Mike Malchicoff. Ronson founded Zelig Records, the Columbia Records imprint that King Princess is signed to. Prior to this single, Straus previously collaborated with him on his 2019 Late Night Feelings track, “Pieces of Us.”

In the music video for “Only Time Makes it Human,” an unnerving computer-generated version of Straus cries, poses for a camera and confronts her apartment-bound pandemic restlessness. A stack of TVs in the background depict the real-life musician rolling around and singing the track in a matching outfit, appearing as if she, too, is stuck within her own virtual space.


“Only Time Makes it Human” comes months after the release of “Ohio,” a previously unreleased song that appeared on the deluxe edition of Cheap Queen, which arrived in February.

Watch the video for “Only Time Makes it Human” here:

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