Watch how Ariana Grande’s latest video got made

Spinning hallways, floating staircases and a pop princess are the elements that make up the mind-bending clip for “No Tears Left to Cry.”

For Ariana Grande, creating music videos isn’t just a walk in the park. It’s more about climbing gyrating staircases and strutting across revolving hallways—all of which appear in her video for “No Tears Left to Cry.” And now you can see how the mind-bending visual got made.

The pop princess on Monday dropped a behind-the-scenes clip that documents the production of the music video, which takes a few cues from Inception and Doctor Strange. And, sure, while all the blue screen magic looks impressive, it doesn’t hold a candle to Grande performing stunts while rocking mile-high ?.

“The concept we wanted to explore was the disorientation that you go through in life and the quest we all go through to kind of find the ground again,” said Dave Meyers, who directed the video. “We sort of flirt with the ambiguity of whether you need to find the ground or whether the ground’s just what you make of it.”


“No Tears Left to Cry” is the first single off Grande’s upcoming fourth album.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video below:

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